Wondertivity Learning Binder Set

Learning Binder Set

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Get ready to make serious learning seriously fun with the Learning Binder Set.

The Learning Binder Set includes:

* Wondertivity Red Learning Binder + 5 coloured markers

* Wondertivity Yellow Learning Binder + 5 coloured markers

* zip lock bag for storage

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Perfect for children 2.5 years to 7 years of age.

As a guide, the Wondertivity Red binder is suitable for children aged 2.5 to 6 years and the Wondertivity Yellow binder is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. Please note that each child develops and learns at their own pace. It may be helpful to initially remove some pages/activities from the binder to not overwhelm your child and gradually add pages into the binder as your child develops more confidence.

Product photography by Kate from KBergs Photography.

The Wondertivity Yellow Binder contains small pieces and should always be used under supervision particularly with children under 3 years of age. Wondertivity scented play dough is made from food grade ingredients however as with all play dough products, it is a choking hazard and consumption is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Makes learning fun

This made learning and reviewing school readiness skills so easy! Worth every dollar. I'm so impressed with Wondertivity's products and will definitely purchase from them again.

Cheryl Finkel
These books have become our favourite past time

I am beyond thrilled with these Learning Binders. My twins and I have been working through them almost daily since we got them a month ago. They’ve learnt so much and are so proud of themselves once they’ve mastered an activity. It’s also an invaluable way to spend quality time with my children. I would highly recommend these books to all parents of preschoolers.

Belinda Lee
Superb Quality

The quality of these binders are amazing. Definitely would last my little one and his little sister when she’s ready. The pages and pieces are really thick. I like that pens are provided and storage pocket. The activities are really fun and engaging and I love that they are having so much fun learning. Cannot wait to see what other activities or new binders are released next.

A must have for preschoolers

I must admit I have been stressing about how school ready my daughter is. These two binders have set out exactly what it is I should spend some time on before she starts school next year. There are plenty of things for her to practice on and the best part is she loves doing it because the activities are so fun and beautiful!

Unlike anything I’ve seen!

These binders are just devine, unlike anything out there. My daughter is only 2 and enjoying the matching activities. She sits down for over half an hour at a time doing these. At the moment she is only doing the ones she can do but there are plenty of drawing or writing ones and harder activities that she’s very curious about but hasn’t been able to do yet which is great because it is something she will grow into. I’m so happy with my purchase! Thank you Wondertivity!