Gear up your big kid for big school!

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Gear up your big kid for big school!

If you have a little one who’ll be making a giant leap into daycare/preschool/primary school in 2023, we have the tools to ensure they are confident and ready to adapt to a whole new environment.

Our felt activity books develop sensory skills by stimulating multiple senses.

One of the key developmental benefits of our books is to improve fine motor skills which is essential for a child’s ability to develop self-care skills (opening lunch boxes, getting dressed) as well as such as developing the pencil grip and managing tools competently.

The activities in our books are designed to develop intellectual skills. Puzzles, sorting activities, mazes and counting activities help children develop cognitive skills and problem solving.

The wide variety of themes in our books promote language skills and storytelling. They encourage children to sharing opinions during discussions, making observations based on past experiences and in time, develop a love of reading books.

The range of difficulty levels in our activities help develop emotional skills, testing a child’s capacity for perseverance, self-regulation, learning to control strong emotions and impulses with growing confidence.

Our felt activity books are not only perfect for independent play, they’re also great for sharing to encourage social skills. By sharing activities, children learn to work as a team, cooperating and collaborating with each other and in turn, learning to respect other’s opinions and perspectives.

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