Why is drawing so important for your child's development?

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One of the most natural activities for a young child is drawing. It usually starts with a series of adorable scribbles around the age of 18 months that develops in no time, into a glowing masterpiece to be displayed on the fridge door. Drawing unleashes your child's creative potential and numerous other developmental benefits.

Drawing makes children more expressive

Children can't always express themselves verbally and physically so drawing provides  them with another way of communicating their thoughts and feelings. 

Drawing enhances your child's fine motor skills

Drawing enhances your child's fine motor skills from a young age. Manipulating writing tools such as chalk, pencils and textas enable your child to exercise the small muscles in their fingers and hands.

Drawing develops your child's problem solving skills

When drawing, your child is faced with multiple decisions - what colour should I use here? How do I draw a dog? All these questions require your child to solve problems to achieve an outcome they are working towards. 

Drawing improves your child's imagination and creativity

Drawing enables your child to prepare for understanding more difficult concepts. Learning these creative ways of thinking at an early age readies your child for future education. Also, understanding that an image can represent a real thing is a cognitive skill that your child will need for writing, reading, maths and problem solving.

Drawing gets your child ready for "big school"

Drawing helps your child prepare for understanding more difficult concepts. Every time your child draws they are developing precision and evolving the skill to the point where they can eventually write small letters between narrow lines in a workbook. 

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