Have You Discovered the Magic of "Open-Ended" Play?

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Open Ended play encourages endless imagination and creativity. There are no rules, no "correct" solutions or fixed outcomes in the end.

The benefits of open ended play are numerous - it challenges a child to investigate and problem solve, encourages independent play, develops confidence, patience and resilience.

At Wondertivity all our products are a fabulous resource for open ended play. Every page of our felt busy books (quiet books or felt activity books), binders, doodle books and accessories such as wooden disc sets, can be used in mutiple ways AND they grow with your child meaning the way they use/play with it will change as they grow. We are constantly updating our website, blogs and socials (no rest for the perfectionists) with creative ways to use our products.

Feel free to write in with your unique ideas for a chance to be featured!

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